GoodMiss TEXT FTP Queue Generator

Updated 20040215

Can now use dirs option with batch files, still read below

to use the created batch file copy it to your rom directory and
execute it. It will create a dir called /!fill and copy the needed
roms into this directory

Updated 20040214

Added support to generate batch files for completing fills
-ftp dir & save dir options not used for batch files
-will create and copy roms to a directory called /tmp

Added support for custom extensions, default is zip

NB: Used Dirs? option does not support goodinfo.cfg dirs



This will generate a valid ftpqueue file for LeapFTP 
or BulletProofFTP from the miss.txt files generated by
Cowering's goodtools.

- LeapFTP support has been fully tested, 
- BulletProofFTP has been tested to an extent

I never actually finished this script although it does work
there are still some small bugs that need to be fixed. Its
an ugly script but works. *** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ***


1.] Load the script by putting it in your mirc directory then
    typing /load -rs GoodMiss_FTPQueue.mrc into the status window.

2.] Right Click on the channel window and select the program from
    the context menu or type /lsq in the edit box and press enter.

3.] The UI should be pretty straight forward
    a] Select the *miss.txt (ie SNESMiss.txt)
    b] Enter the directory on the ftp where the set is stored
       without any leading or trailing forward slashes

         WRONG -> /uploads/goodsnes/
         RIGHT -> uploads/goodsnes

    c] Select the filetype from the dropdown box
    d] Select where to save the file too
    e] Press the Write button

4.] Click "Used Dirs?" option if the ftp has the roms sorted in 
    directory by letter and specify what directories the numbered 
    roms are stored in.

NOTE: You will need to re-specify the "Save Queue File As" setting
if you choose a new format to save in.


************************** FlashFXP *****************************

I know most people will want this but I couldn't get it to work at
all, flashfxp queue files need to have site details specified which 
means I'd either need a couple more edit boxes or a way to interface
with the flashfxp site.dat file. If you want to implement it go ahead.

************************** FlashFXP *****************************

Setting a root directory in the save file to option will place double 
forward slashes in the queue files, which may be a problem (or not).

Seperator option not implemented, feel free to add it.


Any problems/submissions contact me on newnet, efnet or foreverchat. 

There is no support from me for this script. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK