Mah!Cade is an experimental modification of the original Wah!Cade project, an emulator frontend for arcade cabinets. Mah!Cade development fixes existing bugs in the last Wah!Cade commit, adds new features not present in the last Wah!Cade commit and (in the launchpad version) potentially breaks things with each new bleeding edge release. The version of Mah!Cade hosted here is updated infrequently with commits heading to github more often. Need Help? You may discuss Mah!Cade (and Wah!Cade) on the forums, irc or the Wah!Ki
  • Fuzzy Artwork Search, Best guess match your artwork collection based on partial name matches, get the most out of your artwork.
  • Portable Mode, localise the installation of settings and emulators for USB HDD/Key use
  • Game Specific Launch ini files, tailor the launch for certain titles within an emulator set.
  • Layout Improvements
    • 0-360º Rotation for artwork support, rotate your artwork beyond the 0-90º rotation of the standard Wah!Cade
    • Scrolled game lists can now be a minimum of 1 row
  • Rom Extension Handling Improvements, Multiple extensions (smd;sfc;n64), Wildcard (*) or No extension
  • Support for non-sequential game lists (see LISTGEN), generate a Mah!Cade/Wah!Cade compatible listing for your emulator
  • Mess listxml support, build the full mess system list.
  • CATVER.INI support for all emulators (see LISTGEN), generate a custom Mah!Cade/Wah!Cade catver for your emulator
  • Twitter integration, announce your games to your followers when launched!
  • Numerous Bug Fixes, too many to mention!
Mah!Cade on Github Mah!Cade For Debian Based Distributions Mah!Cade For RedHat Based Distributions Mah!Cade For TarGz Package For Other Distributions