RomManager HTMLgen

This script automatically generates a html summary from your rommmanager collection,
you can create your own styles using css, download it below.


Requires RomManager

Read Me File

                       RomManager HTML Romlist Generator
                               written by sairuk
What does it Do?
This script will generate a html listing of all rom sets to match those setup in
RomManager. It will autodetect .log/*miss.txt/TUGID and report the correct stats
from each. (TUGID Support implemented but untested) It will also as of v0.29 
automatically upload the generated html file to a server of your choice for display

Mirc 6.1x	-
Rommanager 4.6x	-

Extract   the  zip   file  to   a  directory   on  your   HDD  (ie   c:\program
files\mirc\rmhtmlgen) then type:

/load -rs [path to script]\rmhtmlgen.mrc 
/load -rs rmhtmlgen\rmhtmlgen.mrc 

If you use this option be sure to do a clean load of the script (delete the  old
install) otherwise you will experience problems with the script.

Access to the script is done via the context menu's (right-click) in the status,
channel and query windows.

1.] Select a style for the page to be output. 
2.] Press Write and wait a bit while it works.

The file will  be saved to the script directory  as _romlist.html (default).
You can  also view  the generated  page locally  by selecting  the View  Summary
option from the context menu.

Style Sheets
As of version 0.26b the main style sheet is now stored as a .css document  which
you can feel free to edit to add your own colour schemes etc. 

There are a few things to note before getting started: 
o The only elements supported by the  script are listed in the css file,  if you
  add anymore they will not be used.
o You are able  to change the title  graphic and header background  image. Leave
  the corresponding line blank if you do not wish to use the image.

File Specs for a compatible .css document

     Line 01: Style Title/Name
     Line 02: Thumbnail Image (BMP)
     Line 03: Background Image for Header
     Line 04: Header Image
     Line 05: Start of CSS code

Custom HTML
To use the custom html feature correctly you will need to insert the complete
html code into  the text box in that section. This  is simply done to help you 
add counters and avatars to your list.

A counter example:
Right: <a href=""><img src="temp.gif"></a>

v 0.31 - The D-an-W Bday update

Now only supports 4.60+, older builds will output rubbish.

o Added Load Custom titles to dialog

f Fixed Broken by latest rommanager build, updated to work
c Changed A spacing issue in html output ... not sure too long ago

v 0.30 - The Tauchy ReWrite

o Added Show All, Complete or Incomplete sets
o Added Custom Page/Main Titles
o Added Display Menu/Return to Top links selections
o Added An ini checking routine on load. Renames old incompatible ini files
o Added View Summary selection to the menu
o Added Save button to save current settings
o Added Reports when settings are saved and where.

c Changed The menu layout for script, can now write with current settings direct 
  from context menu
c Changed The way the script works internally, about half a rewrite to incorporate 
  the set filters for Tauchy.
c Changed settings, loaded etc ... possibly still some bugs i missed please let me know.

v 0.29 - Jason's 1wk Bday release ;)

My son Jason was born on the 02/11/04, this release is for him. Not useful to a 1.5wk 
old but hopefully it is for the rest of you :)

o Added different filenaming schemes for html docs
o Added custom filenames for html docs
o Added Thumbnail view for Stylesheets. Thumbnails are 280x280x24BMP
o Added AutoFTP uploads using CURL (See note 1)

f Fixed A few bits an pieces, nothing overly important. Leftovers

c Changed The layout for this release to incorporate the new features, still
          some work to be done.
c Changed Title of page to RomManager Collection from Rom Collection
c Changed Rommanager style to incorporate thumbnail details. Thumbnails are 
          listed on the second line of the file moving everything else down 
          one line.
c Changed Counter details to Custom HTML since you can really enter anything 
          you like in here to appear just above the first table.
c Changed File gen. edit box to text box to create more room in later releases

Note 1: CURL is required for ftp to work in this release, I plan to removed the 
        need for external apps in future releases. Download the win32 generic 
        version of CURL from and place it somewhere in your 
        path or in the same directory as mirc.exe. To use ftp enter the ftp details
        as a URL ie

!!IMPORTANT!! Passwords are not encrypted so please do not share you ini files or 
              do anything else stupid ie take screenshots with your ftp info showing


f Forgot to comment out a line to gen the menu in 28 before releasing

v0.28 - rlm.ini compat release
More space saving by the rm team broke it again.

f Fixed link to homepage
f Fixed compatibility with latest rm

v0.27 - rmp.ini compat release
o Will not be compatible with older versions of RomManager

f Fixed to work with the new rmp.ini format

Possibly the last version I will release. My time for irc is unfortunatley becoming 
less and less. Apologies to those whose requests I never managed to include. I
would also recommend not trying to update this yourself (feel free to do so though),
it is a terribly written script basically a bunch of hacks to fix issues as they 
arrived. It would be easier to write a new one from scratch imo.

Thanks to those that used it.

v0.26 - The D-an-W Feature Release ;)
o Added support for Custom Titles (Custom1,2,3 can be changed).
o Added support for a counter URL, could be used to insert any html really.
o Added ini file saving so your settings are saved and reloaded every time.
o Added support for multiple styles in .css format, you can now create your own.
o Added version number to title menu
o Added View Summary option to menu

f Fixed/Moved/Re-instated Return to Top link as per D-an-W's old request
f Fixed more internal code, should be faster again
f Fixed the table display, so no more conjoined tables in the rom lists

c Changed the look of it slightly, flat buttons etc

f Fixed a problem when generating from an mirc installation
  with a space in the path.
f Fixed D-an-W's custom issue QUIT MESSING AROUND! :)

- Removed the browse button for now, may be re-implemented later

o Added Support for Mame Samples
o Added Complete/Incomplete set detection with bullets (req _Sico/D-an-W)
o Can now use if rommanager is located somewhere other than \mirc (req _Sico)

f Fixed some internal problems to increase speed
f Fixed RM style & mozilla browsers conflict

- Removed support for other styles, only kept rommanager style
- Removed 'Return to top' links until i figure out whats wrong with them

! mirc.ini must reside and be identified in the directory $mircdir 

c Changed the DiskImages display, old one was ugly (req dirk)
f Fixed up some internal things

o Added 'support' for DiskImages in list, let me know of any probs
f Fixed problem with RomManager style again - Issues with Mozilla

f Fixed problem with RomManager style again - Header not displaying
- Removed some uneeded crap in html code

o Added Custom 1,2  & 3 to the  top menu, still ugly  but working. Will have  it
  autogen soon when I get some more time to work on it.
o Added  file style.example  for any  of you  that would  like to  have a  go at
  creating custom styles. Style support will be in future releases,  so this may 
  be good practice.
o RMHtmlGen  now works  from a  directory, only  slightly tested  so if you have
  problems move it around to run from /.
f Fixed Custom3  showing instead of  Mame in Arcade  menu. Not to  sure the real
  reason why this happens so just added == & !=  conditions.
m Moved images to an /img directory, looks neater. You will need to upload  this
  directory with the _romlist.html file.

-- Thanks to D-an-W & Dirk this time around -- 
-- dirk, your request is coming, I have't forgotten --

c Changed  all  $scriptdir  references  to  $mircdir  when  referring   to   the
  RomManager ini files. It seems some people cant read instructions.
f Fixed the missing > out of  the header table in the RomManager style.  Screwed
  up the display in IE.

o Updated styles with small bullets on left of titles, some eye candy, more than
  anything. feel free to change them as you see fit. (10x10x8bpp)
o Gave the RomManager style a major overhaul. Admit it, you love it.

f Fixed up a lot of unneccesary code, should be faster now.
f Fixed the problem  where empty set headers  would show up, Menus  still do for
  now. I'm working on this.
f Fixed quick hack for new custom position, now looks for up to 20 sets included
  in the rlm/rpm.ini files. Should be good for a few updates of rommanager.
f Re-ordered styles in "Select Style" drop down box, RomManager style now  first
  in list, as most people seem to choose to use it.

m Moved "Return  to Top" link  at the bottom  of each table  to center of table,
  looks better imo.

o Added "Return to Top" link at the bottom  righthandside  of all tables  as per  
  D-an-W's request.

f Hopefully fixed issue with error "/dialog: 'rmhtmlgen' invalid table, no ok or
  cancel id" some people were experiencing. 
f Corrected the rommmanager url on dialog.

f Seems that quick hack was a  little rushed, didn't update  the anchors at  the
  top of the page. Thanks to D-an-W for  pointing this error out.

f Quick hack for  the script to work  with the newly released  Rommanager v4.01,
  may be a little slower atm. No this project is not dead.

f Fixed  a small  bug  that  didn't  display  the drop  down  list correctly  in
  windows2000/9x. The options were still selectable using the arrow keys.

o Added Auto-View in browser after generation
o TUGID  support still  untested. Possibly  incorrect will  be fixed in upcoming
f Rewrote file scanning routine  gained approx 40% speed increase  over previous

o First Release, Slow but works.
o Released with 4 different style sheets

Bananolu        - RomManager/Testing
Chance          - Code Help/Ideas/Testing
Litbit          - Testing
Supergear       - Testing
cypheron        - Testing
Digital         - Testing
Rockwaldo       - Helping out with embeded while loops
D-an-W          - Bringing the 4.01 incompatibily to my

Newnet: #rommmanager
Foreverchat: #tombstones/#mame