I picked up a Tototek MD-PRO flashcart on eBay sometime ago and it was only recently managed to have a look at it. The purchase came with the cart pcb (in a shell) and the writer. There was no information about how to use the device, so I was playing blind. Working through this took me some time but its working now, this may save someone else some time.
Parallel Port Setup
Set parallel port to EPP in BIOS, check your Motherboard manual for information on how to do this correctly.
Setup the writer and connect the cartridge
  1. Connect a cable to parallel port connection on the writer, connect the other end to the PC.
  2. Connect USB (for power) to the USB port on the writer, connect the other end to the PC.
  3. Connect the cartridge to the writer, ensure the orientation is correct.
  4. Turn on Reader using the switch on the front of the writer.
Multi-Game Menu Setup
Download Menu for Tototek MD-PRO Cart
Unpack the downloaded file you will find MDPACK4U.BIN.

Build Multi-Game rom with ucon64
# ucon64 --multi=64 MDPACK4U.BIN *.gen output.bin
Write the rom to the cart
# ucon64 --xmd output.bin