DOWNLOADS - ezLauncher_20120208


eZLauncher, Originally written as a pygame test for monitor resolutions it became
  a basic launcher for ezQuake (hence the name) to start the game in the maximum
  resolution available for the attached monitor. This is handy for portable
  versions of the game. It has since evolved into a command line launcher for all
  games where the resolution can be set pre-launch. The current execution works
  based on engine plugins and a DRM config. Consider this code experimental no
  warranty is implied.

  Engines Supported:
    • Unreal Engine 3
    • Source Engine
    • Serious Engine 3.5
    • Quakeworld
    • id Tech 3
    • Good Old Games

  "DRM" Support:
    • Steam
    • Dosbox

   • Python :-
   • Pygame :-