OpenArena crossplay 3DS/PC PoC

No real reason to do this ....

3DS ioQuake was released in 2019 with support coming for openarena in v1.1.0 
released late 2019.


The current 0.8.8 OpenArena release runs Protocol 71 but the ioQuake engine 
still runs on protocol 68 (q3 intro'd in 1.31), this breaks crossplay between 
(uptodate) pc and 3DS and/or pc based dedicated servers.

OpenArena still ran protocol 68 until v0.7.6 so the obvious thing to do would 
be to setup a 0.7.6 server, doing so allows connection by the 3DS release to 
connect but then throws a game folder error because of missing resources on the

You need 
- the 3DS release 
- 0.7.6 data for all clients (baseoa folder)
- 0.7.6 dedicated/listen server
- 0.7.6 PC clients

then crossplay works well enough for fun sessions

0.7.6 pc version:

PC dedicated server launch test command

./oa_ded.x86_64 +set dedicated 1 +g_gametype 2 +map q3dm6ish