Betilivatis "Bet"
Portrait of Betilivatis "Bet"
Elf Wizard, Hero #5
Armor Class: 7
Hit Points: 4
Speed: 4
Attack Power: Fireball 1d20 + 7 (or 3d6 +4)
Deals 1 point of fire damage.
Ranged: You can hit any creature within 6 squares of you, within line of sight
Special Power: Blastwave
If you hit with your first attack, roll a d20 for each monster standing next to the monster you hit. If you roll a 10 or above, you deal 1 point of fire damage to that monster as well. (Or, roll 1d6. A 4 or higher succeeds in hitting each monster.)
Critial Hit: On a roll of a natural 20 (or three sixes), roll 1d6 for the amount of damage you do.