I originally (2015 or earlier) put this together so I could use gPodder from Podcast Addict (PA) on Android.

This script however will take your data from PA move it to the required locations for use with gPodder

    1.) Import your OPML backup into gPodder, close gPodder once done.
    2.) Copy your podcasts from your device to the gPodder downloads directory
    3.) Confirm folder names are as required by gPodder (gPodder supports ascii only folder names and appears to truncate at a certain length)
    4.) Run the script and wait for it to finish.
    5.) Open gPodder to see your registered podcasts.

Script is on github https://github.com/sairuk/gpodder_pc_import

I am now (2019) using AntennaPod